Do I have to be a member of Voyage Fitness to enter?
No. This event is open to any member of the general community who wishes to take part. Voyage Fitness is simply the major sponsor of this event.

Is there a minimum age for entrants?
Yes children participating in the mini kids tri must be 7 years of age. Participants who are 16years and under on the day of the event must have parental permission to enter. This permission is obtained through the completion of a waiver included in the online entry form.

What age can enter the Junior Short Tri event?
Anyone under 16 years of age on the day of the event can enter the Junior Short Tri event.

How do the team triathlon events work?
Teams may include 2 or 3 participants. Each leg (swim/bike/run) is completed by a nominated member of the team. 1 participant may complete 2 legs if they wish.

What if I can’t complete an online registration?
Contact us at swanhillrst@gmail.com with your details and we will gladly get in touch with you to assist you with the registration process. Alternatively give us a call on 0408 269 968.

Can I wear flippers in the pool?

Do I have to swim non-stop?
No. Rest breaks at the ends of the pool are permitted.

What happens in the case of extreme or adverse weather conditions?
The committee reserves the right under it’s contingency plan to modify the course or cancel the event if needed to best manage the safety of all competitors as it’s highest priority.  Refunds will not be considered in the event of course modification or cancellation.

Can you help me create a team?
Yes! If you’d like to be part of a team and need some team-mates please send us an email and we will help connect you with others!